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Hannah & Evan —— Wedding in The Woods——-

Posted on Sep 16, 2015 by in Weddings | 4 comments

This couple are those type of people that could only affect you in a positive way. They are filled with truth and a freedom in being themselves which exudes so much kindness and gentleness. Evan and Hannah for married in the mountains of North Carolina and it was like a scene out of Narnia, haha, not kidding. It was one of the most beautiful and powerful weddings I have ever been to or been a photographer for. The couple has a lot to do with that.  It was a major privilege to capture all that happened that day. I will never forget it and am excited to see them grow in their marriage and love for one another.


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  1. Evelyn, what a wonderfully JOYFUL wedding!!! Loved it!! Beautiful pictures. Made me smile just viewing the pictures. Hannah was a lovely bride and Evan looked like a true Scotsman!!. Just plan happy happy happy. May God Bless them. I know you are enjoying this new addition to your family.

    Your Sister in Christ, Janet

  2. Beautiful pictures of beautiful people! God bless each and every one of them!Congratulations!

  3. Dearest Hannah and Evan, thank you for letting us be part of that glorious day. We love you and bless you and are so thankful for you. Love, Mom

  4. Seth,

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for the excellent job in capturing Hannah and Evan’s big day visually. My by far favorite was Hannah on the tabletop. But they were ALL TOP quality.

    It was great to meet you.

    God’s best for you!

    Bill (and Serrell) Redd

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