About Me

I’m here to tell your story. Here’s a little bit of mine.

  • Born in North Carolina, currently residing in California.
  • The most beautiful girl in the world has my last name.
  • I have worn vans since i was 10 and will continue until the day I die.
  • It’s a must to have sour patch kids while watching a movie.
  • I have safely and dangerously travelled to 14 different countries because of my camera or my surfboard.
  • It gives me life to experience different people and they’re stories so being a photographer makes my heart smile real big.
  •  I’m a singer/songwriter and recently released a new album called, “Pitch Black Pines.”
  • I can make any type of light my slave.
  • I like pressure free experiences that cause all of us to be ourselves, pretty or not so pretty.
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